Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Experiences

I'm midweek through my first week back at school. It's great to be back and see everyone. I think I'm going to love my classes. I'm taking Genetics, Population and Community Ecology, Senior Seminar, Decorative and Wearable Arts, College Choir, and Voice Lessons. Yikes! That is alot! My schedule is crazy. I'm busy from 7-5 four days a week.

College choir is definitely new for me. My voice teacher suggested that I join. I was a little nervous going to the first practice yesterday, but it wasn't so bad. I'll definitely be learning a lot as I go. Who knew that musicians speak a completely different language!? It's a struggle just figure out where we are on the page based on all the musical jargon. It's an exciting new challenge though.

Also my Decorative and Wearable Arts class is going to be amazing...we're making collages, journals, rugs, and lots of other neat crafts. It is right up my alley.

Oh and I'm a bonner I receive tuition money in the place of volunteering 140 hours per semester at non profit organizations. This time I'm the Intern in the Lifeworks office where all the scholar staff members work. I started yesterday. I'm basically just a secretary. I just entered stuff on the computer for four hours. I really enjoyed it though...I got to listen to my ipod and just zone out. That's definitely a fun new experience. I can remember pretending to be a secretary when I was little...I still feel like I'm just playing pretend hehe.

For the rest of my bonner hours I will be returning to work at a local day center for the homeless. I'm excited about going back on Thursday.

Anywho...this is my quick post just to say that I've been having a great week back. I'm keeping up with my routines and I've been working out (my body is exhausted!). I absolutely love how my schedule is so diverse. It feels very well-rounded. I'm excited about trying some new things and pushing myself through hard classes.

Even though I get nervous or anxious about trying things I don't know much about or being in hard classes...the satisfaction of sticking with it and looking back knowing I did very rewarding. So go out and try something out of your normal box! It's great :)

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  1. Hey, look up my son Greg Smith if you don't already know him. He is a baseball player - soph - and is involved in CSM (is that right?)(Christian Student Movement I think.) Tell him his dad says hi. Nice blog, keep it up.