Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a Brand New Day

Good morning! ...well ok it's 12:10PM but I went to bed at 5AM so it feels like morning still.

What's that?..Why did I go to bed at 5 AM? oh ...well..let me tell you...

I got inspired to totally rearrange/overhaul my bedroom at 1AM and between chatting with a few friends on facebook chat and making everything look perfect...four hours later after a very late night snack I hit the hay.

Something you should know about me...I'm realizing more and more everyday how extremely eccentric I am. My room looks amazing though! I remember when I was growing up I would rearrange my room allllll the time and I remember it being a real highlight of my week. Words cannot express how unexplainably excited it makes me. Something about rearranging my room is kinda like turning over a new leaf in my life...

Before I graduate I really want to have some good habits in place...things I've been trying to be more diligent with for years! They always say that the habits you set in college are the ones that you keep with you for the rest of your I have until May to have my life how I want it for the rest of my life!?! Wow..that can't be right.

Anyways in keeping with that and after my inspiring evening of feng shui-ness I mapped out a plan for my day so that I can do all the things I've been wanting to get in the habit of doing.

Here's a list (because you'll start to notice that I'm very obsessed with lists) of the routine I am trying out today in order to hopefully start forming some habits...

1. Wake up
2. Eat breakfast in bed
3. Pray
4. Read the Bible in bed
5. Journal
6. Read the news ( on my Google Reader)
7. Exercise (Wii Fit or at least some sit-ups)
8. Shower

Do whatever I need to do that day and at some point

9. Read...Currently the Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy
10. Practice singing and learning to play the piano

So Far I'm doing good at keeping with the plan...though I've left off after #7. It's a good feeling.

Instead of the usual ...

1. Wake up late
2. Skip breakfast
3. Neglect my relationship with God
4. Ignore what's going on in the world
5. Waste time on facebook
6. Shower
7. Take a nap
8. Rely on my high metabolism to keep me slim forever
9. Waste more time throughout the day

Those days are so much less full-filling than days like today....I'm better than that...I want to live ON PURPOSE! Not just drift through the day.

So, word of advice....if you're feeling kind of bland....rearrange your room, make a few lists, and live life on is working wonders for me today =)

Anyways...that's my blurb for the day...soon I'll post some new years resolutions :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My First Post!!

Hello Blogging World!

Well...I was in mid-conversation with my overly technologically advanced family a few days ago and the subject of blogging came up. I engaged in the conversation just barely enough not really paying too much attention when it HIT ME....WHY don't I have a blog!? I used to be obsessed with blogging back before it was such a normal thing. I was ahead of the game and now somehow I've missed the boat! So I decided to grace the blogging world with my presence yet again for the first time in almost three years! My last update was on Xanga in April of 2006!

So here I am...I'll try to keep everyone updated as I struggle through my last semester in college and try to figure out what to do with my life...hopefully it will be an epic journey :)

Take a look at my previous blogs....there's no telling what kind of blackmail can be found in my countless entries....I shutter (and chuckle) at the thought.

-Jenny =)