Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm at the happiest place on earth!!!!


I'm officially at Disney! Check in was yesterday and it was fun. They had us non-stop busy. Kinda reminded me of the first day at Mars Hill College except with a lot more people and a great disney flare.

First we were at Vista Way for room assignments and such. Then we had a little bit of free time and after that we went to Casting. Casting was AMAZING. That building is gorgeous. It reminded me of those videos of Pixar on the special features of all their DVDs. Very cool environment. I definitely had that whole "oh my gosh I'm really doing this" feeling as soon as I walked through the doors. The doorknobs by the way were like the doorknob from Alice in Wonderland. Super neat. Then there's a great rotunda with are gold disney statues on pillars and a disney cast member to greet you. Then you turn to your left and wall down this beautiful corridor that has awesome paintings on the walls from Alice in Wonderland. After that you follow a maze through the building as you talk to different representatives about what your job, your look, and various other important items. Hmm...I just put that together...the building is very maze-like...and it's Alice in Wonderland themed. I seem to remember a maze at the end of that movie. I wonder if that was intentional. They give you like 5 pounds worth of paper work.

I met some fun people and I'm realllly anxious to meet more.

I had two people recognize me from my vlog updates on youtube!! It went something like "wait...are you Jenny Daws?" and "Jenny Daws!" haha...I was a bit shocked. But verrrry flattered.

Also a few people have asked me if I'm a character performer or if I'm going to be Snow White. Hmm I guess it's the short hair cut. It's a nice compliment tho! I think I will be her for Halloween...I was already toying around with the idea. Tho...I'm not very fond of her or that movie.

I'm sitting in the computer lab waiting on my next vlog to finish uploading. Make sure to check it out. There is someone in here listening to Avril Lavigne very loudly on their headphones. I don't mind because I love her!! Good stuff.

My roomies seem to be pretty nice! We are all very different but I think it's cool because that means we'll have lots to learn from each other.

Oddly enough I haven't met anyone yet who shares my love for High School Musical. Which seems pretty weird!! But I have enjoyed talking to other disney lovers! One of my roomies has Disney Scene It...we will have to have a tournament soon!

I am most definitely working at Animal Kingdom at in "Africa" at Rafiki's Planet Watch and I'm very very excited about my job there! What more could a girl want?! Working at the happiest place on earth, at Disney's Animal Kingdom, in "Africa", working with and around exotic (mostly African) animals every day, with unlimited access to the parks!!!??!! How did I get here?!?! Thank you, God!! Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuu!

I'm taking Corporate Analysis and Exploring Guest Services at Disney. Sadly, they don't start for a month or two.

Also I found out a cool place to volunteer with if my schedule works out. Give Kids the World. Terminally ill kids and their families can come and go to the parks for free!! ALSO...John Stamos is one of the chairman of the organization!!! WOW WOW WOW. There are DEFINITELY perks to volunteering ;). Thank God for the Bonner scholarship and giving me a love for volunteer work!

I could go on for hours typing about my adventures, but my vlog just ended and I'm finally having the urge to do some cooking. I better run and get something going before I loose that urge!! I'd say that cooking for me is kind of like blogging, vlogging, collaging, and writing...I can't really do it unless I'm inspired. Which means I might be starving for this little bit. :P

Watch my vlog here :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last vlog before I become a Disney Cast Member!

I'll be arriving in the Orlando area in 3 days and checking into the Disney College Program on Wednesday, which is in 4 days! Check out my last vlog until I am officially a Disney Cast Member!