Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm sooooooooooo busy!!! You don't even's insane. After this week it won't be as bad though. I have sooo many commitments....2 hard biology classes, a class that requires me to do craft projects, voice lessons, choir, my bonner scholarship (interning in an office...where I'm working on a senior project...and volunteering at a homeless sheltar), biology senior seminar (a research project and short nature film), and they're going to be offering free martial arts classes at my college so I might be starting to take those too.

Am I spreading myself too thin? or just taking advantage of every last opportunity I have here in the last days of college? only a few of those things are I'm pretty tied down until May 9th. Each normal day begins at 7AM and ends at 5PM...but then I have homework and whatnot.

Tomorrow we get senior pictures taken! How exciting!

I finally figured out what I'm doing my senior seminar project on...and surprisingly was influenced by Disney Nature. I'm doing a survey of the landscape change in this area from the early 1900s up to the present. I've been going to the archives our library (where there is the sweetest little old woman who knows everything about the history of this area...fasciniating stories) and looking through all their photo archives finding all the pictures of landscapes and nature views from this area through the years. I've found 84 pictures so far that I'm going to narrow it down to the ones where the exact locations are available. Then I'm going to go to these places and film what the area look likes now. Once that's done I am going to overlay arial maps of the area from 1950 to now so that I can chart how much the landscape has changed using Geographical Information Systems. I will cut the old pictures, the new footage, and the arial maps together with some footage of some of the endemic species of plants and animals (only found in this area) that are at risk if the landscape is further destroyed. Once I've analyzed the data and done my research I will have to write a paper and I'll take excerpts from that to make a naration for my film.

It's all coming together...I figure it's something that will look good on a resume and it's a product that I can present ....just in case Disney Nature ever decided they simply couldn't go on without giving me a job interview :)

OHH speaking of Disney...I'm officially a Disney College Program applicant!!!! I have a phone interview on Friday!!!! I can't wait! If I get in I'll be going from August until January. :)

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  1. Good thoughts! I here ya about filling your time plate too much... I definitely have no solution BUT I am stoked about your phone interview on Friday! Keep us updated!