Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to School...For the last time!!

I should be sleeping right now...but I've been struck with spontaneous motivation lately which keeps me up into the late hours of the night...the kind of spontaneous motivation that comes with every new year.

This sudden motivation boost is great...though it keeps me finding a million random things that need to be done and making never ending to do lists. As soon as I finish one list...I come up with more ideas of things that I "need" to do and I make a new one.

Eventually I'll run out of steam and probably slip back into procrastination land for a month or so...most likely this will be as soon as I get my first home work assignment. Isn't that always how it goes? Funny how that works.

Anyways I'm headed back to Mars Hill College tomorrow for my last semester! Crazy! I can remember the days of being bitterly depressed thinking I would never be done with school. I'm so ready. I'm not good with long term goals, so graduating is a really big deal to me.

I will be a college graduate on May 9th...then what? Who knows. I have lots of ideas though. I most definitely want to pick French back up. I took 4 semester of French at my community college. I was very good at it and really enjoyed it. After I transferred to Mars Hill and realizing they had no French courses, I got out of practice and forgot everything. So that's one thing. I have lots of self-improvement ideas for when I get out of school. I guess if I am unemployed for a least I'll have that.

I've been trying to get my life more organized these last few days at home. I must say that iGoogle, Google Reader, and Google Calendar have really helped me out as far as organization goes. I highly recommend them. I want to start networking more as well. Not really sure what for...but networking is good no matter what I guess. Twitter is a helpful networking tool, as well as, Facebook. Sheesh...God bless the internet.

Oh and speaking of technology. My friend is giving me her used (and slightly cracked...but usable) iPhone! How amazing is that!?

Anyways, until I have something more to say...

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