Sunday, January 4, 2009



I went to go see Bed Time Stories with my brother, Jer, today...I wasn't so sure about it going in. But it actually turned out to be really good. I laughed a lot and it left me with a nice warm fuzzy feeling. It was super wholesome and had a great message for kids, as well as adults.

But this entry is not about that...and I'm not saying "WOW" because of the movie...oh no. The thing which merits a nice big capitol "WOW" is Disney's latest film label, Disneynature. It was recently created in April of 2008 as a throw back to Disney's previous nature film endevor "True-Life Adventures." This was a nature film series started by Walt Disney himself in 1948 and continuing until 1960. It was a big hit with lots of award winning films...well apparently they're bringing it back in under the label of Disneynature.

Before the movie today they showed a trailer for the first of many films under this new label, a film called Earth. simply must watch this trailer before you go on reading...and make it full screen...

Now you're saying it too aren't you!?...WOW. The film is from the same director/producer of Planet Earth and The Blue Planet. I haven't seen The Blue Planet, but if the movie is half as good as Planet Earth then it's sure to be AMAZING!

Anyways, when I got home I did a little research on Disneynature and visited their website. Take a look.

Disneynature is based in France and according to the website...

"Disneynature is the Walt Disney Studios' label dedicated to working with the leading filmmakers to produce one cuttting-edge theatrical release each year celebrating the wonders of the world in which we live."

"There are no stories told with more drama, excitement, humor, inspiration, than the stories nature tells. Disneynature will travel to the farthest reaches of the planet to capture these stories so that they can captivate audiences around the world."

I'm most definitely a nature person. If there is one thing that can move's nature. I love a good breathtaking view. That is the sole reason why I want to travel so bad...I care little about historical sites or monuments...but to see the wonder and majesty of the natural world that just screams out the glory of God....that's something I can get behind.

After seeing the trailer for Earth I got chills! While reviewing the website my heart began to beat rapidly. I grew up on the Disney values, eating up all the "if you can dream it, then you can do it" advice. So at once the gears in my head started absolutely amazing would it be to work for Disneynature?!! Even if I was just a lowly production assistant...who cares!! I'd be based in France and traveling the world, adventuring, using my biology degree, combining it with my love for Disney, and being apart of something so grand...something that takes the glorious parts of our world that often get overlooked or can't be readily seen and brings them to light for everyone to see and marvel at our universe that can't help but point back to a creator!

WOW. I've found my dream job. Most definitely. If only....

I've been searching for an epic job or something exciting to do when I graduate. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. So far the ideas I'm looking into are....

  • The Disney College Program
  • Some kind of career with Disney...Adventures by Disney perhaps?
  • Becoming a flight attendant
  • Going to technical school to get some kind of culinary degree while living at home and working
  • Going to work at Zoo Atlanta ...I interned there in the summer of 07.

I'm still searching and praying about what God wants for me...I just have this burning desire to do something filled with excitement (which definitely comes in many forms) and travel. I would also love to have the opportunity to find my way in a big city at some point in my life. We'll see what happens. I'm just waiting for a door to open.

Anyways....if you want to lift your spirits...I suggest you spend some time marveling at the world around you. It's full of inspiration :)


  1. Wow is right! I saw the trailer in front of Seven Pounds and was blown away. I also loved Planet Earth, so I am excited for this one too. It might be just me (so don't take it as a word from God or anything because I am not Him!) but when you have two things on your list that include the word "disney" the other items pale in comparison. They all do seem very fun (culinary school!? I wanna go!) so I think you should probably do them all at some point in your life, and just put them in order of which you'll do first!
    P.S. Mad blogging skillz Jenny! Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks! I know! I was thinking the other day that perhaps the question isn't "what should i do with my life?" but "what should I do next?"

    Planet Earth was amazing...I want to get the DVD set!

    PS. I found a phone number for the communications director for Disneynature...called it and left a message. haha...sometimes i'm embarassed by how unrealistic I am...but still. I just said that I was about to graduate with a biology degree and I'm very interested in Disneynature and that I know it's a long shot but do they have any entry-level job openings? And to call me back if she had any information for me. ...if only!!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for how to intern for Disneynature, and was wondering if you ever received a call back from the communications director? I am a zoology major at Colorado State University, and like you, working for that organization would be my dream job! I realize you posted this 3 years ago, so I am eager to see where your optimism led you! Thanks so much!