Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate

It took me a while to come up with this one. Mostly because there are not many things that I hate. And the things that I dislike are too many to narrow down to just one thing. The only things I strongly dislike are intangible things that would be way too hard to capture in a picture or narrow down.

So here is one of the insignificant things that I hate: the clanging of pots and pans. HATE IT.

Whenever mom gets pots out for cooking, I get very irritated and loudly proclaim, "when I grow up and get married, I'm never using pots and pans!!!!" To which she always replies with some smart comment about how that would be impossible. Argh. Worst noise EVER!

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