Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly Remembered.

After Molly passed away, a friend gave me a small stuffed animal of a brown dog. I have grown quite attached to it since her death. It looks like Molly as a puppy and is about the same size that she was when we first found her. I have started sleeping with it at night (Yes, I still sleep with stuffed animals. Get over it.) Today when we got back from church, the stuffed animal had somehow left my bed upstairs in my bedroom and was mysteriously sitting in front of our fireplace downstairs where Molly used to sleep. It was freaky. I suppose one of our cats could have done it. Or was the spirit of Molly wanting to be near us again. :P Anyways it was a nice reminder of her. ...not that we have or ever will forget her.

Today I suddenly remembered a line from a poem I wrote about Molly when I was bored in class one day in college. I searched through my chest of old journals and notebooks and I found it! Here it is:

My pillow, my solace, my friend.
Chocolate, cow dog.
My eternal hug.
Your penetrating eyes...
I'm sure you understand every word.

I'm not sure if that could actually be considered a poem or not. But I was heart felt.

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