Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrapping up my Walt Disney World College Program

My last episode as a Walt Disney World College Program participant. Soon I'll be updating from Disneyland!!

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  1. Jenny,

    I've wanted to thank you for the time we had together while on the WDWCP for a while. Until now I've not really known how to do so. So here goes;

    We were not particularly close to one another while in Orlando, and for that I am sorry. I feel had we been able to find time to hang out that we could have had an awesome friendship. You have a beautiful personality! While you may not light up the room when you walk into it, you definitely make those in the room that know you feel a warmer.

    I truly want you to succeed in this life. Despite you not really knowing me, nor caring to get to know me, I wish you the best in your future. You're sure to make the magic of our world shimmer in the hearts of old and young alike.

    Don't ever lose sight of yourself or what makes this world amazing. It's the connection we have with one another that gives our lives meaning. I will forever wish I had made a better effort to make a friendship with you.

    My love and respect,
    KSR Driver