Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I will NOT waste this summer, ok!?

I have no real obligations until August 12th.

This is frustrating. Although something that is even more frustrating is the fact that whenever I'm extremely busy, I hope for down time like this and whenever I'm extremely "un-busy" I hope for something to consume my time.

Why can't I be satisfied? Whenever I have a million friends around...I wish to be alone. Whenever I'm alone I wish I had someone to hang out with. What's up with that?! I'm very fickle.

I've been trying to come up with ideas of what to do with all this free time...
  • Read The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Have a daily time with God
  • Re-learn French
  • Learn to cook
But somehow I can't bring myself to wake up before 11 for such simple and seemingly unimportant activities.

It occurred to me the other day ...I've never read ALL the way through the Bible. Which seems pretty stupid since I base my life and all my decisions on it's teachings.

When I was always busy with school I always promised myself...
"if only I had some free time, I'd do all the things I always put off because of all my obligations." Well that time is now and one of those things on my "list" was to read the Bible.

So perhaps since I have absolutely nothing to do and it's a rare occasion when I actually have anyone to hang out with in the mind-numbingly boring city of Buford, maybe I should just bite the bullet and commit to reading the Bible this summer.

I'm frustrated with me...I WILL make the most of this down time!!! I don't want to wait my summer!!

Actually the only reason I am writing this...is because I need some way of keeping myself accountable...so at least next time I write hopefully if I haven't been keeping up with this commitment, this post will convict me and I'll be held accountable.

I have NO excuse for not reading...so feel free to yell at me if need be.


  1. :-) Praying and believing in you that you will redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16) Love you soooo much!