Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jump Right In!

A lot has happened and changed in the past few weeks.
Good things...Bad between things.

I am so incredibly ready to be moving on. Not necessarily moving on from the people..(well...)...seriously I will miss most everyone I've had the opportunity to know here. Mostly it's just that I am ready to move on with my life in general. This section, the "college-student" part, of my life has expired. As a friend would say, "I've expended my resources here." I'm ready to take on the next stage.

I'm the senior Bonner intern in Lifeworks (the career development center at my college). I work there on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. I'm coordinating a career fair, making a senior handbook (a book of all the seniors' experiences as bonner scholars), and arranging a tree planting for earth day. I am thoroughly enjoying this work. Everyday I work in there I am even more excited about getting a real job. It's the closest thing I've ever experienced to a real job, where I have my own responsiblities. It's as if I'm still a lowly college student on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I get a preview of my life to come...a life with no school. I can not wait.

I spent an hour on the phone with my dad just now talking about my future plans and discussing all the bills I'll be taking on once I get a good job. I'm excited to be taking over all that stuff. It will be pretty neat to have a steady income. I mean...providing I get a steady job somewhere either over the summer or after I complete Disney College in January (if I get in). If I don't get in to Disney College I might see if I can take over the Americorp Vista job at my school. That would put me working in Lifeworks as an actual employee. I'm sure I would enjoy this job because it will just be an amplified version of my volunteer job there.

I should know about Disney College by the end of the month...though it could be as late as the second week of March. I just want to know one way or another so I can make plans accordingly.

The countdown has begun....there are 78 days til I graduate.

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