Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goals/Prayer for 2011

Goals/Prayers for 2011:

• That I would not forget the things I learned at Passion
- “My struggle is one of the greatest signs that I’m alive.”
- “I’m not chained down by my circumstances, it is possible to be fully alive and joy filled no matter what circumstances I
am in.”
- “I’ve got to frequently tune everything out except for God and take time for ONE thing.”
- Constantly renew my mind and don’t let my mind go down the same old paths.
- I have no idea what God could do with me if I surrender my will and my appetites.
- “Come to Jesus to get JESUS!”
- Christ needs to be at the bottom of everything I do, like a fountain. He is the motivation; everything should spring up
from Him.
- Do not awaken love before it’s time.
- Don’t let my ideas for serving God dethrone Him.
- Take time for Him.

• Direction and money for any mission trips I am supposed to go on this year. (Uganda, Dominican, NYC, China? Who
• Slow down my mind about finding a husband. Give me patience and help me roll with the punches.
• Favor on me in my pursuit of teaching. Direction.
• Opportunities to see far away friends and to share Christ love with them.
• Help me to know what to do with my various passions.

Friends that I really feel like God wants me to pray for this year:

Kristina Donahue (Soon to be Saunders..yay!), Megan Anderson, Brittany Findley Cason, Amanda Lewan, Misako Harada, Danielle Kidwell, Amber FU!, Sara Bryant, Kristin Wood, Macey Reynolds, Hayley West, Luci West, Cassi Bush, Christine Smith, Stephanie Selman, Whitney Barton, Barbara Farnham, David Bass-Clark, Alec Frey, Mike Cook, Carter Lewelyn, Ben Farnham, Blaine Ellis, Patrick Griffith.

If you find your name on the list don't feel weird-ed out. It just means you really truly mean SO much to me and I very much care about you and what happens in your life whether or not you are religious or not or we have talked recently or not or known each other for very long or not. If I can't be near you all, the least I can do is remember to pray for you and that God will give you the desires of your heart and keep you encouraged in 2011! If you don't find your name on the list, don't worry i care very much about you too (i just can't list every single person or else there would be no point in a list...God just kinda inspired me to write one). Write me and let me know what I can pray for you this next year!

What are your goals for 2011?

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