Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Things and people to be thankful for from 2010:

• Amber Fu
• Megan Anderson
• Sara Bryant
• Alec Frey
• Mike Cook
• J.A.M.A.L.
• Autopians such as Lauren, Alyssa, Rachel, Nykole, Gabe, Ryan, Martha, Randy, Jerome, Handy Manny, etc.
• Sovereign Grace Church for being so great to me in California
• Pomegranate Pick Me Up at Jamba Juice in CA.
• Dudley Baptist Church
• Cassi Bush
• The entire West Family!
• DBC Kids!...Every last one of them!!!
• Getting to be a PK (Pastor’s Kid) again!
• Jeannie Haag
• Encouraging songs such as Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble, Count on Me by Bruno Mars, and Meant to Be by Steven Curtis Chapman.
• Gaining a nephew-Hudson!
• Gaining a sister in law-Mallory!
• Great Family and my dad is healthy!
• My dog-Molly!!!!
• Blackbird Coffee
• Comforts of HOME
• I’m home for Christmas!! Last year almost killed me being away!!
• Special friends such as Danielle Kidwell, David Bass-Clark, Amanda Lewan, Misako Harada, Carter Lewellyn, Blaine Ellis, Macey Reynolds, Lexi Selleck, Kristina Donohue, Brittany Findley, Kirsten Quatela Kristin Wood, etc. (I’ll try to keep in touch better next year…I do think of you often even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes)
• This year is finally ending…haha…I’m ready for a fresh start.

Things to look forward to in 2011:

• New beginnings.
• Passion ‘11
• The lessons I’m bound to learn
• The plans God will reveal
• Quality time with Mom and Dad
• Being settled into a great church
• Possibly going on a mission trip to Uganda
• Possibly going to kids camp with the DBC kids
• Possibly getting a teaching job or at least subbing

Things I’d like to do at some point:

• Live in Mars Hill, North Carolina again one day.
• Be a Disney Cast Member again one day
• Get married!
• Have at least one boy and one girl
• Own a sheepdog
• Go to Egypt
• Regularly go dancing
• Go to CHINA to visit Amber Fu!!
• Learn to cook
• Finally master the art of maintaining a consistent spiritual life
• Learn how to control my emotions
• Go on another mission trip to NYC!
• Regularly go horseback riding
• Regularly go roller skating
• Regularly go rock climbing
• Watch every movie featured at the end of The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

And there are many more…but my computer is dying. I may add more later ☺

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