Saturday, May 2, 2009


How the heck did I get to this point? I'm graduating from college a week from today.

All the speculating and dreaming I've done about being out of school is finally becoming a reality. I feel as though my future out of the education system will be so much free-er. I can use my free time how I want to use it. I can do what I want to do. I think what I've disliked most about this last semester and all of my time in school is that I have been a slave to my work...even when I'm not in class. I've had to spend my time learning things I don't really care about. When I get out I'll be able to relax at night and my free time will be my own again! I can spend that time indulging in the things that I love...I feel like lately my personality has been suspended because I haven't been able to do "Jenny" things ...only homework.

I am pretty darn excited about having time to read the Chronicles of Narnia again...I've been stuck in time inside of the Horse and His Boy for months! I gotta get through that book so I can find out how it all ends up (don't tell me!!!).

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