Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I graduate in 23 days. I love that. Really I just love that this whole stressful time will be finished. It's making me find fault with everything and's not the Jenny we all know and love. I just need some alone time lately just to de-stress. Soon the stress will be over...I just hope I don't go too insane before it does.

BTW...Guess what!?
I got accepted into the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL! Heck yea!
That's pretty freaking sweet! I'm still waiting on Disneyland in CA (my preference). But either way I suppose I'll be working for Disney in the fall. You would think I'd be crazy excited right? I'm actually seriously nervous and scared of the commitment I'm about to enter. But I'm sure I'll do great and love it.
I think I just have random commitment issues sometimes...anything long term scares me. Which is why I dislike committing to long term projects...I like short term goals. They are so much less scary and do-able. I suppose that's just my personality...maybe I don't believe in myself enough or something...who knows.

In other news...

I got my cap and gown!! Yay!

Check this out...My brother's band, Stellate, is in AP magazine!! He's the second one from the left. I'm so freaking proud! I carry the pages around with me everywhere I go.

ALSO... A friend of mine, Ashley Griffin, is a graduating art major and I'm in her art exhibit this weekend at my college (sadly I can't be there)! She took photographs of a bunch of people with a creative item that defines them. (I took a picture with the t-shirt quilt that I made this past summer.) She made the person black and white and bumped up the contrast of the item. It looks pretty awesome...I'm so proud of her! Here's one of the invitations:

My photo of the invitation is pretty crappy...but you get the idea!

I also finished my senior seminar paper...but I don't have a nifty photo for that yet.

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