Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burnt to a crisp...

Not only am I burnt to a crisp from this recent emergence of glorious sunshine....I am also officially burnt out from school.

Especially now that it's beautiful's getting increasingly harder for me to concentrate. I can't fully enjoy the sunshine...but I also can't fully concentrate on school. It's actually pretty miserable and has left me in constant panic and worry. I don't like it!

I have two tests tomorrow with I feel pretty unprepared for. Every time I've tried to study, my brain shuts down and I get wayyyy overwelmed. This is a bit scary. I would hate to make it this far (13 days!!) just to fail miserably and disappoint everyone around me including myself.

I can't think like that though. I will make it! I've come too far to give up now. I got this.

I finally went onto the roof of Moore Auditorium the other day (a Mar Hill College must for every student). It was pretty awesome. You have to climb this scary metal ladder wayyyy up and then you walk along the rafters and crawl out a door onto the roof.
I enjoyed that immensely :). So I'm officially ready to graduate.

I've been listening to that Graduation song by Vitamin C alot lately. Haha...good stuff.


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