Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mom works at a day care teaching two year olds. The character quality that they are learning for this month is "responsible". Last month my mom and I were chatting on the phone and we were trying to come up with a simplified definition of the word "responsible". Here's what we came up with...

Responsible: Doing what I know I should do, even when I don't want too.

Pretty good, eh? I think it pretty much sums it up. In my case...I need to be responsible as I enter the last few weeks of the semester so that I can get all my work done. I am having to do what I know I should do...homework...even when I don't want too.

My current responsibilities include:
  • Genetics
  • Population Community Ecology
  • Senior Seminar Project
  • Decorative and Wearable Arts (including various craft projects)
  • Senior Bonner Internship in the Lifeworks office
  • among various other long term responsibilities to myself, my family, my friends, and God.
Things I have to do before I can graduate (in no particular order):
  • Correct Population Community Ecology (PCE) Paper
  • Write a second PCE Paper
  • Write the remaining reading reports for PCE
  • Two more tests and finals in PCE
  • Finish Senior Seminar Experiment
  • Finish Senior Seminar Short Film
  • Write Senior Seminar Paper
  • Senior Seminar presentation
  • Senior Seminar poster
  • Two more tests and finals in Genetics
  • Make a purse for Decorative and Wearable Arts (DWA)
  • Refurbish an old purse for DWA
  • Plan a tree planting for earth day for Lifeworks
  • Finish the senior bonner handbook for the senior class
  • Bonner Banquet presentation
Am I forgetting anything? much to do...only 45 days to do it in!

I'm feeling pretty ok about it all today...we'll see how I feel tomorrow though.

Here's a much happier list....

Things I'd rather be doing:
  • Spending time with friends that I won't always have around :(
  • Hanging out with Megan Anderson!
  • Spending time with aquaintances I always meant to hang out with more
  • Cleaning and organizing my room (seriously lol)
  • Making sure everyone I know here at Mars Hill knows how much they've meant to me
  • Enjoying my last weeks as a college student
  • Spending time with my nephew
  • Reading
  • Watching Full House
  • Making cards for all the friends I'll miss terribly
  • Enjoying spring
  • Going to Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock one last time!
  • Being silly
  • Appreciating/encouraging/building up my friends
All of this is kinda on hold until further notice. Unfortunately some things are time sensative like once I do have will be too late. I just hope I can get enough quality time in with all the important people in between all the work I have to do.

Oh how I love my list making... :)

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