Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am thoroughly enjoying my new life in Anaheim, CA. I feel like I am finally getting settled somewhere and everything is falling into place.

I feel like I'm getting all my "ducks in a row". I've got my career at Disney and I'm in super networking mode. I've got a great church with some cool new Christian friends to encourage me spiritually. I'm starting this exciting Bible study for other college program students and lots of people have shown interested. My roommates are amazing. Life in this apartment building is so great. I wish I could just keep living here til I settle down with someone, because it's such a great set up. I love this area. I have been noticing some pretty cute apartments and tiny houses for rent up the road. I'm such a planner, I already want to start looking into the cost and planning out my life after August. It's so easy for me to get ahead of myself sometimes. WAYYYY ahead.

I am also actually enjoying keep our apartment tidy. For the first time in my life, I take great pleasure in doing the dishes. Also I've started to eat like a normal person, planning normal meals. One of my favorite things to do lately is make dinner after work for some of our neighbors. I find that having someone to cook for really motivates me. Otherwise I don't always see the point in spending so much time on one dish. I am having a good time planning out my meals and what I'm going to eat and shopping for food (except for the prices!).

With my career, networking, church, cleaning, cooking and paying more attention to my finances, I haven't really been giving myself much time for fun. I'm kind of addicted to productivity.

It's so cool that I'm so motivated lately, although I know I need to find a balance and let myself relax and enjoy time with friends and build relationships from time to time.

Also I know I've been putting productivity and my career above my time spent with God. Those are definitely things I need to work on.

I have felt for a long time that my "spiritual gift" is encouragement. I think I need to focus my attention on that more and see how I can be more actively using this gift to bring glory to God.

Over all I am loving that my time is full, I'm becoming more responsible, I'm buckling down, and even my thoughts are more adult like lately. I was giving some friends dating advice and I could not believe the words coming out of my mouth the other day. I'm thinking more realistically and rationally, or at least I'm trying to.

OH and I've even stopped biting my finger nails! ...Will I be able to last? I hope so! I'm doing good. I think this is the sure fire clincher that I've become a full-fledged woman :) haha.

In the words of Anne Margaret on Bye Bye Birdie, "How lovely to be a woman like me!!"

Thank you God for helping me to be more diligent and responsible! Help me to keep it up!!

One last note...I would just like to say that Megan Anderson is one of the best friends I've ever had in my life and she has brought me so much encouragement over the last week or so and I am FILLED to the brim with thankfulness for her in my life!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Don't be lonely if you're single. Try not to focus on it and fill your time with productivity, dream pursuing, goal orientedness, hobbies, and self-improvement and love will find you when it's suppose to.

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